Build a Trusted Team to work with!

At JPG we fully understand the challenges faced by Investors when buying an investment property. Forging long-standing relationships with people you trust and seeking advice before you start making conditional offers on properties will save you money and mistakes in the long run. JPG’s highly experienced team of professionals provides all the expertise you will require for all your property investment planning needs. We work in partnership with you to determine your property investment strategy.  We help you achieve your financial goal and reduce your investment risk right from the start.

JPG's Investment Services Include:

1) Selecting a property investment strategy:

Successful real estate investors rarely become so by chance, but are usually savvy, hard-working people who conduct lots of research, take calculated risks, and keep their ultimate goal in mind at all times. Before you embark on your property investment journey, we help you identify the right investment strategy to best suit your goal.
2) Finding the right location:

We know how critically important it is to perform a thorough research of any location. The more time and effort invested in researching the suburb or location, the less risk you will be taking. The location chosen will depend on the property investment strategy you are pursuing. For example, if you are looking for cashflow properties that can provide an income stream, we tend to search in higher yielding areas where the demand for rental property exceeds supply.

3) Narrowing the search and shortlisting properties:

The type of property targeted will depend on lots of important factors, including your property investment strategy, price range, capital growth potential, the ability to add value, projected rental yield and potential to buy at a discount are just a few that will influence the property search.

4) Due diligence:

We undertake an analysis of the initial costs of the property, along with a forecast of the ongoing costs of the property. An evaluation of the total costs and benefits of the investment over the life-time of the investment is measured with consideration of your ability to service the loan that is needed to finance the investment.

JPG specialises in accurately analysing all of these factors to give our investors a better understanding of whether or not their next investment is going to be viable.

JPG’s services don't end there, we are with you every step of the way and our comprehensive offering of Property Portfolio Management Services will continue to assist you tailored around your Property Investment Strategy.