Johnson Property Group

JPG Handpicked for WA Leaders

Every year just 25 well-established growth companies are invited to become executivemembers in the dynamic WA Leaders network. 2022 is that year for Johnson PropertyGroup (JPG). WA Leaders surrounds successful companies with the expertise, experiences and resourcesof other business and industry leaders to provide an effective, trusted community that fast-tracks outcomes and leads to even … Read more

Landlord scammer alert: How to protect yourself

Investors and tenants must do more to protect themselves from the increasing number of scammers preying on Western Australia’s tight rental market. Always go through a reputable real estate agent with an experienced property manager. They know the signs to watch out for and can usually tell if the property is “actually” available. According to … Read more

Finding the right investment property path

With predictions the Reserve Bank of Australia will hold interest rates at these low levels until at least 2024, investors are weighing up opportunities across all residential asset classes. Whether you’re ready to make a debut residential investment or bolster an existing portfolio, the decision about what type of property to buy should be given … Read more

Biggest property mistakes

Most clients and potential investors do due diligence and purchase real estate with eyes wide open. But sometimes – and more often in this hot market – they will unwittingly waiver in their judgment. In my experience the biggest and most common mistake investors make is not doing enough RESEARCH.  The right agent will ensure … Read more

Finding assets beyond the farm gate

Off-farm property investment proving fruitful Investing in assets away from your farming operation can prove a worthwhile and fruitful strategy for diversifying risk. Consistently hefty harvest yields and high livestock prices have resulted in an increase in urban real estate activity by primary producers. Now with residential interest rates so low, we’re finding many are … Read more

Infrastructure holds key to successful property investment

The infrastructure that holds the key to all property investment Shopping, education, recreation and transport infrastructure is the critical mix that will ensure strong long-term capital growth and provide the most solid launching pad for every property investment journey. And taking the time to find real estate that ticks all the location criteria can add … Read more

The FOMO phenomenon

Removing the emotion from the FOMO frenzy Some West Australian investors are being lured into the market by the FOMO (fear of missing out) phenomenon. Record low interest rates and government incentives are encouraging the buying frenzy but this course of action is often ineffective to the extreme. Increasing your budget to keep up with … Read more

Securing the right property before borders re-open

When our international borders finally re-open there will be extra and considerable pressure on house prices. The pandemic has put the spotlight on Australia, and in particular Western Australia. I’m on regular Zoom calls with clients in South East Asia and they are all very aware and interested in the Perth pandemic success story.  There’s … Read more

Property v shares and cash

Maximum yield with minimum risk: Finding that sweet spot With interest rates at an historic lows and little to no yield in cash, investors are faced with the dilemma of how to get higher returns without taking on too much risk. Many perceive the stock market as overinflated, so we are increasingly seeing investors  turning … Read more