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Locals urged to secure property before borders re-open

aerial image of property rooftops

When our international borders finally re-open there will be extra and considerable pressure on house prices. The pandemic has put the spotlight on Australia, and in particular Western Australia. I’m on regular Zoom calls with clients in South East Asia and they are all very aware and interested in the Perth pandemic success story. There’s … Read more

Hot market the perfect time for virgin investors to strike

A new style of investor has learned how to enter the hot West Australian market when many may have been deterred by the pace. These super-charged conditions can be daunting to inexperienced investors, but it’s actually the perfect time to strike. The strong housing market does mean higher prices, but it also means investment properties … Read more

The infrastructure that holds the key to all property investment

Shopping, education, recreation and transport infrastructure is the critical mix that will ensure strong long-term capital growth and provide the most solid launching pad for every property investment journey. And taking the time to find real estate that ticks all the location criteria can add at least 10 per cent to the value of your … Read more

Conditions ripe for off-farm property investment

Investing in assets away from your farming operation can prove a worthwhile and fruitfulstrategy for diversifying risk. Johnson Property Group (JPG) director Andrew Johnson said a surprisingly big grain harvest and high livestock prices had resulted in an increase in urban real estate activity by farmers. “Now with residential interest rates so low, many farmers … Read more

Finding the right investment property path

With predictions the Reserve Bank of Australia will hold interest rates at an historic low of0.1 per cent until at least 2024, investors are weighing up opportunities across all residentialasset classes.Whether you’re ready to make a debut residential investment or bolster an existingportfolio, the decision about what type of property to buy should be given … Read more

Maximum yield with minimum risk: finding the sweet spot

With interest rates at an historic low and little to no yield in cash, investors are faced withthe dilemma of how to get higher returns without taking on too much risk.The stock market is increasingly becoming perceived as overinflated, so many are turning tocommercial and residential property. Before embarking on a new financial journey, make … Read more