Johnson Property Group


Site Selection & Acquisition

Site selection and acquisition is crucial and is undertaken as early as possible, ideally, in parallel with feasibility studies. Our experienced team ensure that the requirements for the site are properly defined, the selected site meets these requirements, and it is acquired within the constraints of the project time-frame and with minimal risk to the client.  

Building Process & Approvals

The structural integrity of a purchase or a development is a crucial cog in any investment portfolio. Having a trusted and knowledgeable team on your side means you can confidently proceed knowing that building standards have been adhered to and codes have not been breached. 

Project Management

From project inception through to handing over the keys, JPG offers a fully integrated suite of services. JPG works closely with you to ensure your vision is achieved and returns are maximised, with a commitment to excellence. 

Design & Construct

When it comes to designing a house to rent out as an investment or to live in, JPG will work with you to create a customised individual design or select from any of our off the plan designs available. We will ensure your development project design suits your budget and achieves the results you are ultimately after. 

Subdivision & Titles

Subdivisions alone can be very time-consuming and full of pitfalls which can have a negative impact on your returns. The team at JPG will take away all your stresses, as an effective subdivision requires a specific set of skills to navigate the maze of urban planning through to the amalgamation for titles.

Property Investment

Forging long-standing relationships with a team you trust and seeking advice before you start making conditional offers on properties will save you money and mistakes in the long run. JPG’s highly experienced team of professionals provides all the expertise you require for all your property investment planning needs. 

Due Diligence

The Team at JPG know how critically important it is to perform thorough research of any location. The more time and effort invested in researching the suburb or location, the less risk you will be taking.

Syndication Opportunities

JPG Syndications provide the ability to bring together like minded investors with similar investment goals and present opportunities to invest in quality assets not normally offered. These opportunities are suited towards sophisticated, high net worth investors or self-managed superannuation funds.

Englobo Land Estates

Competently acquiring and managing an undeveloped potential subdivision requires special knowledge of zoning regulations and local land use provisions. JPG’s team are adept at helping clients identify local growth corridors and have a proven track record on some of Western Australia’s best Englobo land site acquisitions.