Ellen Johnson
Development Project Manager
Mobile 0403 225 176

An experienced retail and property professional with more than two decades leading
management, customer service and marketing teams across multi assets in Western
Australia, Ellen Johnson gives Johnson Property Group (JPG) its edge.

Ellen started her career with one of the largest construction companies in South Africa, but
her passion is in asset management.

This skillset allows Ellen to maximise returns for each client’s property investment while at the same time ensuring the success of every
commercial tenancy.

She thrives on developing relationships with clients, business owners and contractors and
knows these connections are tantamount to successful returns and outcomes.

Ellen’s formal qualifications in real estate, public relations, retail asset management and
financial planning provide the foundations for the development of strong strategic asset
planning for JPG’s commercial and industrial clients.

She also believes her strong focus on leadership, performance improvement and team development should always be at the forefront of her team’s day-to-day operations.

Delivering exceptional performance and rebranding milestones for Westfield, along with
heading up WA’s original Sunday trading lobby with the Shopping Council of Australia,
means Ellen has a forensic understanding of commercial assets.

A love of family and travel are constant reminders of all that Ellen holds dear. She values
being part of the dynamic team at JPG under the leadership of her husband Andrew and
remains passionately committed to her colleagues and clients.

  1. You’re a passionate West Australian. Why? What do you love about Perth and The West?
    Why do you like living here? South Africa is my birth country; however, Australia is my
    adopted country and having lived in other parts of the world, including Melbourne, there is
    absolutely no place in the world like Perth. It comes as no surprise that Perth is ranked the
    6 th most liveable place on the planet according to the Global Liveability Index for 2021.
  2. What are your goals/ambitions? To be an inspirational leader and team player, to be the
    best Mum to our daughter. To always think of others that are less fortunate than what we
    are. Help team members reach their potential and to always share knowledge and
    encourage others to shine. Always lead by example, treat other people the way you want to
    be treated and go above and beyond.
  3. What are the main beliefs/values that you live by? Always do the right thing, morally and
  4. What pieces of wisdom have you gleaned from your past roles? Nothing in life can be
    achieved without passion.
  5. Is there any unique knowledge you brought into JPG that you’ve gleaned from other life
    experiences? Treat everyone with the utmost of respect. Always be humble. I feel
    extremely privileged to have worked for a company such as Westfield, my retail property
    knowledge and training provided by Westfield is something that I always rely on.
  6. Best piece of advice you like to share with clients? Property is Australia’s biggest industry
    comprising of 13% of Australia’s GDP. IMF forecasts that real GDP will grow around 4.5
    percent in 2021.
  7. Professional development, how do you keeping your skillset evolving? Real Estate related
    seminars, whether in person or online. Online learning and reading, especially from other
    leading companies, in particular the overseas market. Financial economic reporting and
    forecasting and market related subscriptions. I support tools such is The Life Styles
    Inventory to identify thinking and behavioural styles.