Johnson Property Group

Lola Simmonds
Group Administrator
Mobile 0410 489 227

Lola is making her mark as the Group Administrator at JPG. Armed with a Diploma in Interior Design from North Metropolitan TAFE, along with qualifications in Childcare and Tourism, Lola is a versatile individual whose skills extend across diverse industries.

From being a Professional Nanny in London to contributing as a Childcare Assistant at BHP Creche Collective, she cultivated a rich background supporting others. 

Her academic journey and practical experiences laid the foundation for a successful career spanning Retail, Customer Service, Childcare, and Interior Design. She is a patient and positive individual with exceptional communication skills. Her keen eye for detail and understanding of the significance of creating perfect homes positions her as an invaluable asset in ensuring properties are well cared for. Lola’s vision for her contribution to JPG revolves around facilitating positive living experiences for both tenants and property owners. Her commitment is rooted in providing top-quality service, helping clients find their ideal homes, addressing inquiries, and resolving issues with dedication and finesse.

Guided by the mantra, “A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all,” Lola embodies a customer-centric approach in her work life. With a passion for helping clients and a vision to contribute significantly to JPG, Lola Elizabeth Simmonds stands as a testament to the intersection of creativity, compassion, and professionalism.