Johnson Property Group

Emily Doolan
Senior Portfolio Manager
Mobile 0438 466 889

Emily Doolan’s valuable experience in property administration, office management and the
construction industry has equipped her with the skills to tackle the most complex property

Her honest and vibrant personality has seen her move quickly through the ranks at Johnson
Property Group (JPG) and she now manages an efficient team and sees to the needs of
some of the agency’s most astute investors.

Emily has an exceptional problem-solving ability and she strives to exceed new and existing
client expectations by consistently taking ownership of strategy and outcomes.

Successfully managing multiple investment portfolios, Emily builds and maintains strong
relationships with owners, tenants, contractors and consultants.

She loves the diversity and evolution of her role and thrives on engaging with investors to
provide a high level of advice and customer service. Emily’s attention to detail ensures that
the portfolio is well managed and stress-free for the client.