Johnson Property Group

Jacinta Coleman
Group Manager
Mobile 0410 486 747

Jacinta Coleman is a highly skilled Group Manager with 18 years of real estate industry experience. Her expertise spans across various sectors of the real estate market in Perth, Western Australia, including sales, property management, commercial real estate, and trust accounting. Jacinta’s long-standing commitment to Johnson Property Group and her customer-focused approach have solidified her position as an invaluable team member.

With nearly two decades of experience, Jacinta has developed a deep understanding of the real estate industry. Her success in sales can be attributed to her customer-centric mindset, allowing her to consistently deliver outstanding results by understanding and meeting clients’ unique needs and preferences. Jacinta has also excelled in property management, overseeing the efficient management of residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Her extensive knowledge of tenant relations, property maintenance, lease negotiations, and rental optimisation has made her an exceptional asset to property owners seeking high returns and tenant satisfaction.

Jacinta’s expertise extends to commercial real estate, enabling her to navigate the complexities of this specialised sector. Her insights into commercial property acquisitions, leasing, and development have proven invaluable to clients seeking strategic investments and growth opportunities.  Trust accounting is another area where Jacinta established herself as a proficient professional. Her in-depth understanding of financial transactions, trust accounts, and compliance regulations ensures accuracy and transparency in all financial matters.

Jacinta’s problem-solving skills and solutions-focused mindset have earned her a reputation as a reliable and innovative manager. She consistently identifies and implements strategies to overcome challenges and meet client objectives. As a long-standing member at Johnson Property Group, Jacinta’s loyalty and commitment have contributed significantly to the organisation’s growth and success. Her extensive industry knowledge and leadership abilities make her a valuable mentor to junior staff members and a rock solid support to all her colleagues. Her dedication to delivering exceptional customer service has fostered lasting relationships with clients and stakeholders.