Kylie Harbo
Residential Sales / Leasing Specialist
Mobile 0417 095 996

Kylie’s passion for helping clients achieve wealth through property is bolstered by her attention to detail and an acute ability to think outside the box. With nearly two diverse decades in real estate, Kylie continues to be drawn to the challenge of creating bespoke, sustainable customer service experiences for her long-term business relationships and prospective clients.

Kylie is enthusiastic and 100% committed to supporting Johnson Property Group (JPG) clients on their real estate journey to financial freedom. Expertise in residential property management, leasing, marketing, and investor services, combined with industry achievements such as Real Estate Industry of WA (REIWA) Property Manager of the year, means her skillset is broad and her mindset resourceful.

Kylie leads an active lifestyle and is a devoted mother, so her time management skills are finely tuned, and her problem-solving prowess is second to none. Kylie’s long-term clients are like family to her and have helped her fine-tune her empathy and understanding of the real estate market complexities that we all face daily.