Marko Kruger
Portfolio Manager
Mobile 0483 333 302

Navigating the complexities of property investment requires the well-honed analytical and strategic
intellect of Marko Kruger. His 10-plus years’ experience in the sector ensures he consistently
surpasses the needs and objectives of clients.

As Portfolio Manager for Johnson Property Group (JPG), Marko maximises returns for investors by
providing advice and expertise in property management and development, investment and
feasibility analysis, syndications, funds management, and high-level structuring of investment

An inspired thinker, Marko has embraced the collaborative and supportive nature of the JPG team
and continues his pursuit of a “lifelong learning journey”. He thrives on being intricately involved in
the management development, investment and syndication of multiple real estate asset classes, and
always rises to meet new client and leadership challenges head-on.

The bespoke, insightful and diverse nature of JPG’s service offering suits Marko’s broad skillset and
passion for unique and exciting new business models.

When he is not fine-tuning investment structures for portfolio clients, Marko is very much a family
man who makes the most of Western Australia’s bush and beaches where he satisfies his love of
hiking, swimming, and relaxing with a good book.

His values and unwavering morals are in tune with those of his JPG colleagues. Marko believes his
integrity, respect and a curiosity for life-long learning are the key to his success in business and in