Nicola Hughes
Portfolio Manager
Mobile 08 9446 6888

Taking the time to calmly and professionally address issues for clients is what sets Nicola Hughes

Her passion and resolve saw her work her way up to the position of property manager and she never
lost her compassion and dogged determination along the journey.

She brings a uniqueness to the table and clients immediately warm to her competency and affable

Nicola embraces the collegial environment at JPG and her freshness is a real asset to the
team, bringing an alternative view to property management and sales strategy.

Her positive outlook and willingness to eyeball and address problems quickly and effectively means
she is a valuable cog in the JPG property investment wheel.

Nicola is an ardent learner and never tires of embracing new strengths and life lessons.

She is known for her acute instincts but readily asks for team perspective and help on complex issues.

Born in the United Kingdom, Nicola treasures her “lucky” life in Perth and when she’s not working
she loves to run and explore the city and its surrounds with her family.