Johnson Property Group

Shani Mcintosh
Portfolio Manager
Mobile 0438 466 889

Shani brings a wealth of expertise and a unique blend of skills to the property management Team at JPG. Holding a bachelor’s degree in marketing and management from Curtin University, Shani started her career journey in retail, allowing her to hone skills and develop a strong customer service background.

Shani’s core value is “kindness is free,” which she embodies in every interaction. She believes in going the extra mile to create a positive experience for both property owners and tenants. Her commitment to building long-lasting client relationships is at the heart of her professional philosophy.

Beyond her professional endeavours, Shani’s passion extends to community engagement. In her spare time, she volunteers at the museum, finding joy in exploring and learning about diverse cultures. Shani’s multifaceted background, coupled with her genuine dedication to client satisfaction and her commitment to kindness, makes her the ideal choice for managing and optimizing your residential property.