Andrew Johnson
Managing Director / Principal
Mobile 0418194101

Andrew Johnson’s unique strategy for wealth creation and secure retirement has evolved over 30
years in real estate and accounting.

Helping clients increase their portfolios and hold onto property for longer term gains gives him
genuine gratification and professional fulfillment.

Extensive experience in acquisitions, subdivisions, property development and construction,
syndication, sales, leasing and management also means he’s unrivalled in the industry at monitoring
and interpreting industry patterns to identify suitable wealth creation opportunities.

Andrew is a firm believer in forensically observing market trends and has gleaned insight from
several years lecturing peers in Real Estate.

This has helped him develop his own unique, patient and considered approach to business with his mantra: Watch, be patient, be educated and most importantly know when to strike and when to hold back.

He established Johnson Property Group (JPG) in 1998 because he saw the need for a more
comprehensive property sales, development and management force.

Andrew wanted an agency that stood behind the core values of honesty and integrity. He is very proud of the team of professionals he works with to cater to the individual needs of every single client.

Andrew’s commitment to staff development, devotion to family, and a love of our West Australian
lifestyle means he’s passionate about the future of residential and commercial real estate in this