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How to choose the right property manager

Any property portfolio – big or small – should be managed in a cohesive and strategic manner.

This approach means your asset will be protected by a team with high level of customer service, a strong work ethic and an eye for detail.

Failing to do your due diligence when it comes to choosing a property manager could result in a mismanaged investment.

Your checklist should include feedback from friends and other clients, transparency of costs and services offered, qualifications, references from other landlords, and property managers should be appropriately licensed.

Then if you think you’ve found an agent with values you can relate to, ask to speak to the new business manager or property manager directly.

Find out about the PM’s background. Ask them about dispute resolution and their experience in handling such issues.

What process do they go through when selecting a tenant and how do they check income and references?

How often do they carry out property inspections? How do they deal with after-hours emergencies?

What contingency does the agent have in place if the property manager leaves or goes on holidays?

How often do they communicate with landlords?
Ask for details of the property manager’s fee structures at the outset. Most charge a percentage of the rent, but this can vary greatly between agents.

Communication can often be the deciding factor. Many investors want a “set and forget” manager who they trust completely to protect their investment and run their day to day responsibilities.

Other property owners want a more hands-on involvement in their asset. Making sure you outline your preference of communication style up front is paramount for a successful management of your investment property.

JPG property managers manage all property classification types with a client base that extends across the entire Perth Metropolitan area, outwards into regional and rural WA, national and international markets.

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