Johnson Property Group

JPG Handpicked for WA Leaders

Every year just 25 well-established growth companies are invited to become executive
members in the dynamic WA Leaders network. 2022 is that year for Johnson Property
Group (JPG).

WA Leaders surrounds successful companies with the expertise, experiences and resources
of other business and industry leaders to provide an effective, trusted community that fast-
tracks outcomes and leads to even greater prosperity.

As Executive Leader members, Andrew Johnson and the team at JPG will be able to expose
clients to even greater expertise, knowledge and targeted connections to drive personal,
professional and business growth.

The handpicked membership at WA Leaders means the relationships JPG will build will be
meaningful, experienced and trusted.

Andrew said the future growth of private companies was driven by the ability to identify
opportunities to collaborate, engage and connect.

“Together at WA Leaders we empower each other to establish the foundations for
maximum potential,” he said. “This is providing JPG with a unique format that enables
industry experts to help support our business journey.”

WA Leaders operates a range of initiatives designed to benefit companies at different stages
of growth. Each Executive Leader engages with the wider WA Leaders community, including
Advisory Board, Industry Partners, Industry Experts, Future Leaders, Alumni Members, and
fellow Executive Leaders. Participants from each company involved always include the key
decision makers, founders, chief executives and directors.

“The ability to embrace change and strategically evolve is key to business success,” Andrew
said. “WA Leaders is helping professionals achieve this success through the bespoke
provision of knowledge.”

Following this year’s invitation, JPG will embark on a further two years as an Alumni
Member for ongoing professional development and business.