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Unlocking New Opportunities: Empowering Rural Succession and Diversified Investments with JPG

Investing in assets away from your farming operation can prove to be a worthwhile and fruitful strategy for diversifying risk.  Enduring fluctuations of the agricultural industry over many decades has severely tested our resilient Australian farmers.  We understand our farmers are looking at every aspect of their business and seeking to find ways to better manage their operational and financial risks.

At JPG we know that supporting and guiding farming families through the complex process of succession is an enormously important role.  Every family and farm business is different, so starting succession planning early can make all the difference. 

Rural succession planning at JPG is done with a proactive approach to on-farm and off-farm assets, and by enthusiastically working with accountants and banks to establish the best and most suitable structure for your business and family situation.

We get a great deal of satisfaction when our clients look to us for strategic advice about how to build a diversified portfolio of residential and commercial property assets. It’s gratifying to have the long-term relationships with savvy clients contemplating their portfolios. We enjoy developing tailor – made strategies to deliver their goals.

Are you looking to diversify your portfolio?

In an environment of surging, strengthening yields and lower tenant vacancy, well located investment property is fast becoming a compelling answer to our client’s investment question.

Where Memories Blossom: Sharing Smiles & Unraveling the Charm of our Rural Events

Step into the heart of rural charm and relive cherished moments from our unforgettable events. Be captivated by the joy, camaraderie, and shared experiences that define the spirit of our rural gatherings. Join us in celebrating the vibrant tapestry of rural life and the bonds that unite us all!

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Mark Regan

Hi, I’m Mark Regan, and I’ve been a client of Andrew Johnson’s from Johnson Property Group for over 20 years.
I’d have no hesitation in recommending Andrew and the team to anybody that wanted to do a property development to be part of their wealth creation portfolio

Perth Wheatbelt Resident

Peter Foley

With Johnson Property Group, the tenants are vetted, and we haven’t had a problem.

I recommend Johnson Property Group for all your investments, not only for yourself but also for your family.

Perth Regional Resident

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Bryn Becker

We’ve known Andrew and the Johnson Property Group for 15 years and have recommended them to family and friends because of their integrity, honesty, and approachability. 

Perth WA Resident

Rural Properties For Sale

Residential Properties For Sale

Building Size: 130 m²
Land Area: 295 m²

Commercial Properties For Sale

Building Size: 463 m²
Land Area: 1,132 m²
Building Size: 710 m²
Land Area: 1,716 m²
Building Size: 4,309 m²
Land Area: 6,883 m²
Building Size: 180 m²
Land Area: 180 m²
Building Size: 3,100 m²
Land Area: 4.45 hectare

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