Johnson Property Group

Single vision management the way to go for property portfolios

A real estate agency offering expertise in portfolio management is well positioned to help those investors ready to move to next level property acquisition with a steadier income and faster growth.

Portfolio management expertise means the ability to assess risk, analyse market trends, perform transactions at a high level and hone in on properties suitable for portfolio investment.

Every investor and every investment is different, so at Johnson Property Group (JPG) our advice and ongoing care is tailored to suit every investor’s individual situation.

Property portfolios should always be managed in a cohesive and strategic manner by a single team driven by a high-level of customer service and a strong work ethic.

Portfolio managers should always know the right questions to ask to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Investors should always feel confident that their portfolio manager is driven by a professionalism that ensures attention to detail for you and your asset at all times.

When selecting a manager for your property portfolio, make sure they have experience in diversification and investment strategies designed to optimise the value of your investment portfolio.

Before you engage their services, ask them how often they provide reports, how often they are involved in industry training and collaboration, how global is their experience, how deep is their understanding of market trends, and is their expertise broader than residential.

These answers will give you confidence in their ability to assess risks, opportunities, and weaknesses of potential assets.

Ultimately you need to choose a property management team that provides tailored solutions across residential, office, industrial, commercial, retail and rural sectors.

A dedicated property management team for your property portfolio means more effective communication, big-picture potential for diversity and a good line of sight into current and future acquisitions.