Johnson Property Group

What is the difference between property management and facilities management? 

There are several key differences between property management and facility management. Johnson Property Group’s (JPG) primary focus is dealing with the management of the properties on behalf of the landlords. This includes dealing with property maintenance, financial management, and tenant relations.

We always strive to strengthen the relationships with our landlords and tenants, by providing a next-level service approach, excellent communication, and ensuring both tenants and landlords are looked after in the best possible way. Our primary objective is to increase the value of the properties, and ensuring both our landlords and tenants are satisfied.

However, we would not be here without the amazing facilities management we have been working with since we first started the business in 1998. Our contractors help us with property maintenance, such as ensuring everything is in good condition for both tenants and the landlords, and the value of the properties. In short, property management is more focused on the management of the properties and tenant relationships, and facility management helps us support maintenance inquiries.

If you have any concerns or property questions regarding your rental or investment property – Please give us a call!