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Born in Penang my family made the decision to immigrate to Australia. Growing up south of Perth, my early childhood was a series of moves. My mother and I loved going on walks together, and in the days before social media, we would often stumble upon “Home Open” signs. Curiosity always got the better of us, and we would venture inside for a look. Each time my mother fell in love with a new home, she would put in an offer, contingent on the sale of our current home. Unlike today’s market in 2024, where any “subject to” clause can be a potential deal-breaker, the 90s were a different time. Back then, it was quite common.

We packed often, the grand piano being the most precious item that had to be moved, from one house to another. Each new place became a canvas for our creativity and improvements. As a young, imaginative migrant child, I embraced our nomadic lifestyle. Starting fresh in a new home was not something I questioned; it was an exciting part of my ever-changing world. These experiences fuelled my passion for interiors and property. Listening to my parents discuss real estate with agents, crunching numbers to make finances work, and navigating the complexities of mortgages, gave me an education in property investment without even realizing it. Their perseverance paid off when they achieved their dream of building our first home in East Perth.

I vividly remember attending the auction for the land with my mother. In my fourth year at architecture school, I had the privilege of working with Ralph Drexel, a highly esteemed lecturer at UWA, to design and build our home. Watching our family home being constructed brick-by-brick hooked me on the notion that property isn’t just about having a place to live – it’s about building wealth and creating something beautiful in the process. With a keen eye for design and understanding the importance of choosing the right location, I have, in my corporate career and in running my own project management business, watched many creative visions come to life.

In my adult life I made the move back to Asia to advance my opportunities and allowed me to understand what motivates different people around the world when it comes to wealth and in particular property. I returned to Perth with my family for the same upbringing that I had which is a wonderful privilege and I wake up every day with the intention of paying it forward, for all that I have received growing up here, with care, kindness, and honesty – to my family, friends and new clients I meet daily. Having had the opportunity to understand the vast investment options available here in Perth it lead me to take the step into my current role so I can assist my clients to understand the property journey available to them.

If you are considering diversifying your investment options myself and the team at JPG would love the opportunity to discuss what pathway in property is ahead for you, investment, development, or syndication, we take pride in helping you understand the options that are available to you.